Communication that builds trust, drives change, and manages risk

Diplomat Communications is a leading strategic communications consulting firm in Sweden. We help companies and organizations build trusting relationships, drive internal and external change, as well as prevent and manage business risks. We operate at the intersection of business, politics, financial markets, and the media and have a fully integrated offering – from strategic expertise to creative activation.


Our expertise

Corporate Communications

Change communication is about creating commitment, reducing uncertainty and resistance, while building long-term trust in management. Successful change communication requires effective and structured communication efforts directed towards crucial target groups and interests. Our advisors have the experience, expertise, and methods required to implement successful change.

The question is not if, but when your business will face a crisis that puts trust and other core values at stake. During a crisis, many tough decisions need to be made quickly and under pressure with little room to maneuver and inadequate information, all while maintaining focus on day-to-day operations. Diplomat Communications has extensive experience in helping companies and organizations with crisis management. Our offer includes crisis preparedness and training, guidance during actual crisis situations, and post-crisis recovery.

In response to today’s shifting demands in global markets, companies are increasingly expected to conduct their business practices sustainably. This expectation holds true for the entire spectrum of company operations, ranging from business reports to corporate communications at large. Diplomat Communications’ advisors have a proven record of helping clients and businesses navigate the increasingly complex and demanding reality of corporate sustainability. We know the rules, nuances, and pitfalls associated with the sustainability landscape. And most importantly, we know the key factors behind building a strong sustainability strategy.

A communications strategy ultimately aims to support the overall goals of the business. It’s about identifying which external issues, interests, and relations are vital to the business and how the company should position itself with spokespeople, messages, and activities. The communications strategy is the foundation for developing goals and follow-up, identifying strategic priorities, as well as coordinating efforts and tactical implementation.

How do you prioritize and structure communication to drive growth, build the right positioning, and deal with problems and obstacles that may turn up along the way? Diplomat Communications has a specially designed and integrated offer for companies in different growth phases. Our advisors have extensive experience supporting management teams in Swedish and European scale-ups with building trust with investors, employees, customers, the media, and policy makers.

Uncertain how to respond when a journalist calls? Media theory combined with practical interview training by Diplomat Communications can help. Our advisors have extensive experience in journalism. We tailor our trainings to your specific industry, providing you with the tips and tools you need to answer journalists’ questions with confidence.

Public Affairs

Regulations, public enquiries, bills, and taxes have always emerged from political agendas, societal problems, or public opinion. They are often of great importance for business, public, or non-profit operations. Diplomat Communications has extensive experience in analyzing, assessing, and interacting with the political system. Our advisors have previously worked with and for municipalities, regions, the Riksdag (parliament), the government, and the European Parliament.

Advocacy and influencing public opinion entails changing people’s perceptions, attitudes, and behaviours. For a specific issue, industry, or company. The goal can be influencing political decisions, drawing attention to an issue in the media, or positioning a brand. Regardless of the purpose, Diplomat Communications has the experience, tools, and expertise to succeed in shaping public opinion.

Financial Communications

Successful M&A transactions build long-term trust in both management and strategy. Companies need to ensure solid transaction processes, maintain a strategic understanding of the interests affected, while at the same time upholding effective communication with all relevant stakeholders. Diplomat Communications has wide-ranging experience as an advisor to management teams and boards in both public and private M&A transactions.

The road to the stock market is often lined with heightened media interest, but also constitutes a change internally. Positioning management, companies and shares effectively is crucial to achieving a proper valuation and having the power and confidence to deliver on expectations in the next step. Our advisors have extensive experience from several of the Stockholm Stock Exchange's largest IPOs over the last ten years