Public Listings/IPOs and Raising Capital

The road to the stock market is often lined with heightened media interest and scrutiny; communicating the right message is therefore paramount. Ultimately, the process is all about building trust in management and the company, and then having the power and confidence to deliver on expectations. An IPO also means internal change within the company. New rules, routines, and policies, but also an opportunity to create engagement and pride among employees.

Diplomat Communications has extensive experience as an advisor to management teams and boards in connection with stock exchange listings and raising capital. Our advisors have worked with several of the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s largest IPOs over the last ten years. We have a background in international business journalism, stock analysis, politics, and strategic communication consulting. Within the Diplomat Group, we also work seamlessly with our experts in digital, content and branding.

Examples of how we can support businesses with their Public Listings/IPOs and Raising Capital:

  • Communication strategy and issue management
  • Leak strategy
  • Storytelling, message development, and media talking points/FAQs
  • Prepare the organization – policies, routines, and IR-support
  • Media management, monitoring, and interview training
  • Press releases
  • Second opinion on prospectuses and investor communication
  • Internal communication and change communication
  • Marketing campaigns targeted towards share subscription
  • 24/7 strategic and operative support

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