Crisis Management

The question is not if, but rather when your business will face a crisis that puts trust and other core values at stake. During a crisis, many tough decisions need to be made quickly and under pressure with little room to maneuver and inadequate information, all while maintaining focus on day-to-day operations.

During a crisis, the demand for information from various stakeholders can be overwhelming. Crisis communication involves addressing the expectations of employees, the media, shareholders, customers, trade unions, and politicians. Effective and coordinated crisis communication is crucial to protecting trust in the organization and its brand, while minimizing disruptions to day-to-day operations.

Diplomat Communications has extensive experience in helping companies and organizations with crisis management. We bring veteran expertise on how to manage crucial priorities during a crisis’ various stages, along with broad strategic capabilities and an operational focus to help shoulder the burden facing your organization during a crisis. Diplomat Communications has experience as a crisis advisor to customers in a number of different industries, such as banking and insurance, energy, the manufacturing industry, and retail.

Before a crisis arises, we can assist with risk inventory and crisis planning by establishing policies, contingency plans, crisis manuals, and spokesperson training. We can offer support during an ongoing crisis, provide an outside perspective when its needed most, as well as provide support in the crisis-recovery process.

Example of how we can support businesses with Crisis Management:

  • Contingency plans and crisis manuals
  • Crisis training
  • Recovery after crisis

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