Public Opinion and Engagement

Influencing public opinion entails changing people’s perceptions, attitudes, and behaviours.  For a specific issue, industry, or company. The goal can be influencing political decisions, drawing attention to an issue in the media, or positioning a brand. More channels offer more opportunities to shape public opinion. At the same time, however, competition for attention is increasing.

Diplomat Communications has the experience, tools, and competence needed to succeed in shaping public opinion. We understand the different interests, stakeholders, and coalitions, as well as the dynamics that drive the public debate, and we have deep expertise in the various tools, techniques, and fora that are crucial to influencing public opinion. We offer complete solutions – from analysis, strategy, and relationship building, to campaigns and creative activation.

Examples of how we can help shape public opinion:

  • External analysis: playing field analysis, stakeholder mapping, target group analysis
  • Positioning: Story, messaging platform, spokesperson structure, strategy and goal formulation
  • Activation: Communication strategy, activity planning, media management, networking programmes, events
  • Campaigns: Distribution strategy for social media, content production (video, banners, explainers, articles, native, SEO)

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