Scale-up Communications

Scaling up a fast-growing and disruptive business often involves a specific set of opportunities and challenges. Many are ultimately rooted in communication  building trust with investors, employees, customers, the media, and political decision-makers. How do you prioritize and structure communication to drive growth, build the right positioning, and deal with problems and obstacles that may turn up along the way? And how do you do that while still moving fast?

Diplomat Communications has a specially designed and integrated offer for companies in different growth phases. Our advisors have extensive experience supporting management teams in Swedish and European scale-ups with business-critical issues. Our expertise covers corporate storytelling, political advocacy, media management, raising of capital, crisis management, and change communication.

Examples of how we can support businesses with their Scale-up Communications:

  • Reputation and positioning: Stakeholder analysis, perception studies, corporate storytelling, media consulting, interview training, branding, and content marketing.
  • IPOs/raising capital and transactions: Equity story, positioning in Swedish and international business media, investor presentations, press releases, and presentation techniques.
  • Change communication in growth phases: Strategies and plans for internal and external change communication.
  • Public affairs: Proactive political relationship building, regulatory expertise, and shaping public opinion.
  • Crisis and issue management: Contingency plans and crisis manuals, crisis training, crisis management, and post-crisis recovery.

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