Communications Strategy

A communications strategy ultimately aims to support a company’s overall vision, strategy, and plan. It’s about identifying which external issues, interests, and relations are vital to the business and how the company should position itself with spokespeople, messages, and activities.

The communications strategy is the foundation for developing goals and follow-up, identifying strategic priorities, as well as coordinating efforts and tactical implementation.

Our advisors specialize in converting vision and strategy into communication solutions. We assist in establishing the starting point, setting up strategies, mapping priorities and main messages, as well as defining and following up communication objectives.

Example of how we can support businesses with their Communications Strategy:

  • External analysis: Strategic analysis, mapping of stakeholders, perception studies.
  • Communicative options and priorities: Positioning, channel strategy, communication activities, spokesperson structure, profiling.
  • Objectives and follow-up: Communicative scorecard, data-driven analysis, and follow-up.
  • Story and message: Corporate story, message platform, media, and message training.
  • Anchoring of strategy: Workshops, discussion material, anchoring plans.

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