Message and Media Training

Diplomats’ message and media training prepare spokespersons for meetings with journalists while sharpening and enhancing the client’s message in various contexts. We place great emphasis on practical interview training to create the right conditions for engaging with the media effectively—regardless of the interview situation.

We thoroughly examine the driving forces and working methods of the media to provide a good understanding of editorial work. This creates adequate conditions for success in relationships with the media.

The power of the media is significant, and their role as scrutineers is crucial in an open society. At the same time, parts of news reporting are influenced by reporters’ personal motivations and the increasingly competitive nature of editorial teams contending for audience attention. These are incentives that can lead to biased and unbalanced reporting.

Our advisors themselves have backgrounds as news reporters and editors, with a deep understanding of media logic and how newsrooms function and act. Through practical interview exercises and message training intertwined with media theory, we prepare you for meetings with well-informed journalists in situations tailored to you, your industry and current circumstances.

Examples of how we can support businesses and operations with message and media training:

  • Theory of media logic: Explaining what characterizes the media and journalism.
  • Enhanced messages: How can messages be sharpened and delivered to reach the target audience? Which messages resonate?
  • Practical interview exercises: Testing sharp media angles and scenarios under as realistic conditions as possible. Prepared and unprepared questions are addressed—with and without cameras.
  • Tips and advice: With proper preparation, advice and insights, the conditions for success in an interview are established.
  • Feedback and reflection: Post-exercise feedback with concrete analysis and guidance. Follow-up with additional practical exercises to strengthen your media capabilities so that you become aware of your progress.
  • Crisis preparedness: Training, support and guidance when companies or individuals find themselves in acute crisis management situations.

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Linus Paulsson, Senior Advisor and Diplomat’s media expert