Media training

Media training ensures you’re ready for any interaction with a journalist. By emphasizing practical interview training and describing how newsrooms function behind the scenes, we equip you with the skills and knowledge to help your media relations efforts succeed.

The media wields a lot of power, and its role as a watchdog is crucial in an open society. At the same time, journalists’ personal views and competitive pressures in the news industry can result in biased or even inaccurate reporting.

Our advisors have backgrounds as news reporters and editors and have a deep understanding of media logic and how newsrooms function. Through practical interview exercises and message training combined with media theory, we prepare you for meetings with seasoned journalists in situations adapted to your industry.

Our media training offer:

  • Theory of media logic: We start with a review of what characterizes the media and journalism in your industry.
  • Practical exercises/simulations: We carry out realistic exercises and simulations to test different situations and angles. You will face prepared questions, as well as spontaneous follow-ups – with or without a camera.
  • Feedback and reflection: We provide feedback following your exercises, including a detailed review and practical advice. Following-up with additional practical exercises that strengthen your media skills helps you track your progress.
  • Message training: Practical message training helps you structure answers to minimize the risk of reporters cutting out your key quotes in the editing process.

Do you want to know more?

Johan Bratt – general media training

Linus Paulsson – media training with an IR focus