Public and Regulatory Affairs

Regulations, political proposals, and public opinion can be of great importance for business, public, or non-profit operations. Public enquiries, bills, and taxes have always emerged from political agendas, or societal problems visible in the media or via public opinion.

Laws and regulations are created in a political context by slow-moving processes, with different interests struggling to influence the final design.

Diplomat Communications has extensive experience in assisting industries, companies, and organizations to analyze political events, mobilize public opinion, and interact with the political system. Understanding the political agenda is critical, as is finding the optimal point of intersection between the public interest and special interests.

Our expertise includes in-depth knowledge of decision-making within the Riksdag (parliament), government, municipalities, and regions. We can assist with writing legislative consultations, shaping public opinion in traditional and social media, and arranging meetings with key politicians and public officials.

Examples of how we can support activities with Public and Regulatory Affairs:

  • Analysis: Game plan analysis, business and political intelligence, opinion polling, trend analysis
  • Shaping opinion: Communication and messaging plans, media training, media contacts, opinion articles, strategies and activation plans for social media, events such as Almedalen, parliamentary seminars, and webinars
  • Impact: Stakeholder maps, contact work, high-level meetings, tailor-made documents (consultations, memoranda, etc.)

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