Change Communication

Change communication is about creating commitment, reducing uncertainty and resistance, while at the same time building trust in management and the long-term power to act.

Successful change communication requires effective and structured communication efforts directed towards crucial target groups and interests. These efforts can be anything from creating an overall communication strategy, to preparing a change narrative, or planning a detailed roll-out plan. Change communication can be applied in connection with strategy changes, organizational changes, brand changes, closures, digitalization, crises, new regulatory requirements, or transactions. A key component of successful change communication is measuring efforts and their effects. Through a data-driven approach that continuously measures the impact of communication efforts during transitional phases, we can provide insights into how target groups perceive the change and how messaging can in turn be adjusted.

Our advisors have assisted management teams from a wide variety of businesses and industries to successfully implement change. We have developed sophisticated methods and models to ensure that our change communication is as effective as possible while creating conditions for building trust, speed, and action within the organization. Our areas of expertise include, communication, media management, content production, investor relations, and public affairs.

Example of how we can support businesses with Change Communication:

  • Communications strategy: Interview study, communicative priorities, change report, strategy and plan for communication externally and internally.
  • Anchoring in the organization: Taking the pulse of the organization, change-workshops, ambassador program, town hall meetings and change branding.
  • Reputation and positioning: Stakeholder analysis, perception studies, corporate story, branding and content marketing.
  • Investor relations: Perception studies, press releases, capital market days and basis for reports.

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