Successful M&A transactions build long-term trust in both management and strategy. Companies need to ensure solid transaction processes, maintain a strategic understanding of the interests affected, while at the same time upholding effective communication with all relevant stakeholders.

Each M&A transaction has its own sets of challenges – complex ownership structures, sensitive customer relationships, competitive trials, political uncertainty, internal concerns, as well as the risk of being criticized in the media. There are countless examples of how criticism from one or more stakeholders has created negative sentiment that either stopped a transaction or dented confidence in the management team afterwards. At the same time, a properly communicated acquisition or merger can build trust and credibility for a management team for many years to come.

Diplomat Communications has extensive experience as an advisor to management teams and boards in both public and private M&A transactions. Our advisors have a background in international business journalism, stock analysis, politics, and strategic communications consulting. Within the Diplomat Group, we work seamlessly with our experts in digital, content, and branding.

Examples of how we can support businesses with their Transactions:

  • Communication strategy and issue management
  • Leak strategies
  • Storytelling, message development, and media talking points/FAQs
  • Stakeholder analysis and activation – politics, media, employees, partners
  • Media management, monitoring, and interview training
  • Press releases and press conferences
  • Internal communication and change communication
  • Bid website and shareholder communication
  • Acting spokesperson
  • 24/7 strategic and operative support

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