Three new junior associates join Diplomat

Elin Prestgaard, Mattias Leijonhufvud and Nicolas Jendi join as junior associates as part of Diplomat’s trainee program 2023/2024.

Elin Prestgaard holds a master’s degree in political science from Uppsala University and a bachelor’s degree in peace and conflict studies from Lund University. She has worked as an intern at the European Correspondent Department at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Mattias Leijonhufvud holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics specializing in marketing and accounting. During his studies, he worked as a salesperson in the retail sector.

Nicolas Jendi holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, politics and economics from Lund University specializing in economics. Prior to joining Diplomat, he worked as educational policy columnist for the student newspaper Lundagård as well as administrative assistant at SNS.

Diplomat annually recruits up to three university graduates, who are interested in trying the consulting role in the intersection of business, media, and politics, for its trainee program. During the one-year program, participants are given the opportunity to work with strategic communication for companies in various industries.

Diplomat Communications started in 2003 and is a leading strategic communication consultancy firm in Sweden. We help companies and organizations build trusting relationships, drive internal and external change as well as prevent and manage business risks. We operate in the intersection of business, politics, financial markets, and media and have a fully integrated offering – from strategic expertise to creative activation.