Data-driven Communications – challenge your gut feeling

With the right data and tools, communication allows for multiple ways to help strengthening the brand, highlighting core competencies, identifying critical segments, and creating growth. Developments in data, digitalisation, and technology create great opportunities for companies’ communication work. But, it also requires distinct efforts.

Lacking knowledge about the effectiveness of communication efforts

About 100 years ago, the American businessman John Wanamaker said that “half of the money I spend on marketing is wasted; the problem is that I do not know which half.” Even today, the effectiveness of communication is still being discussed. For instance, McKinsey writes in a report that 45 percent of CFOs have neglected investments in communication and marketing activities because they have not clearly demonstrated how they create business value.

Take advantage of new opportunities

To increase the degree of actionable insights, individual insight reports are good but insufficient in the long run. Instead, brands should continuously use data to evaluate, execute and develop more effective initiatives at work. This can be done through dedicated methodologies for developing key parts of data-driven communication, such as:

  • Defining and understanding audiences and target groups as new one’s emerge or old one’s change.
  • Identify and understand trends and movements in the public opinion.
  • Build arguments for reports, debates, and opinion formation.
  • Evaluate communication initiatives.
  • Monitor media and acquire in-depth understandings of what is said and discussed.

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