Leveraging data smartly can result in well-founded conclusions about how messages are received, which questions are urgent, and which questions are less important. Diplomat Communications’ offer covers the entire value data value chain. From creating your own data, collecting and structuring data from independent data sources, to analyzing data and building targeted and measurable communication efforts.

Diplomat’s data analysis offering is based on sophisticated tools and methods for creating data-driven and actionable insights for more efficient communication work.

Examples of how we can support businesses with Data-driven Analysis:

  • Generate your own data: Surveys in different formats and channels.
  • Source-neutral data collection and data structuring: We offer data collection and data structuring services, irrespective of data source. We also offer help in choosing the most relevant sources and data types for certain projects to ensure high analytical relevance and quality.
  • Analyze, visualize, and simplify data: We can manage data and develop insights that improve your communication work and provide answers to communication-related questions. We also offer a range of data analysis methods and help package data into actionable insights through easy-to-interpret and useful formats such as dashboards, graphs, and data storytelling.
  • Data-driven communication: We offer A/B-testing of messages, as well as target group segmentation, channel strategy, and targeted and measurable communication efforts.

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