With ten years remaining on UN’s sustainability Agenda 2030, the expectations placed on companies’ sustainability work are rapidly transforming into tougher requirements. Since 2017, large companies in Sweden have been required to prepare sustainability reports in accordance with the country’s Annual Accounts Act. And in 2021, the EU is expected to roll out new sustainable finance regulations. Several international frameworks already exist for companies wanting to report their environmental and climate risks, including GRI, SASB, Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD), and the Science Based Targets Initiative.

At the same time as reporting requirements for sustainability are beginning to match the rigor of traditional financial reporting, the expectations placed on companies’ sustainability work from other target groups is also on the rise. Ninety-five percent of Swedes state that sustainability affects their consumption habits and five out of ten say they would actively avoid an employer that fails to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. Today, sustainability is business-critical, and winners in the future will be the companies that understand the value of building sustainable brands today.

Diplomat Communications advisors have extensive experience helping companies navigate the sustainability landscape. What should the reporting look like? What rules need to be followed? How can companies use sustainability in their communication and positioning? How can they leverage existing efforts and initiatives? We know the rules, the nuances, the pitfalls, and the success factors required for building strong sustainability communication.

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Kristina Grewin
Director and COO, specialized in sustainability issues and with broad experience of project management of complex communication assignments. Kristina most recently comes from the H&M group, where her focus was on developing the Group’s sustainability communication. Kristina also has experience from the steel industry, where she was responsible for the internal and later also external communication at the international company Ovako.